International vocalist and Broadway star, Rob Russell, helped launch the Royal Room at Palm Beach’s storied Colony Hotel.  He was the supper club’s entertainment director for more than a decade, booking world-class singers and acting as master of ceremonies.  “I love music and I have encouraged music all my years here in Palm Beach,” said Russell, who’s been a resident for more than 30 of his 61 years. “I’ve worked with all the Broadway stars, Grammy winners, Tony winners, Academy Award nominees…”


Mr. Russell is a native of Babylon, New York, on Long Island. He attended Broadway openings as a youngster.  He received a Bachelor’s Degree in musical theater from the State University of New York at Fredonia. 


Russell said he has no intention of slowing down, despite leaving his Colony Hotel job several years ago. In addition to his local performances in Palm Beach County, including the Pelican Café in North Palm Beach, he hosts a show on the Great American Songbook for the local Legends Radio station.