Thank you for your interest to participate in the 5th Annual Palm Beach International Jazz Festival - April 8, 2023!  Artist Submissions are open until October 1, 2022.


Email your submission to:


Please include the following:


– Name 

– Phone number (mobile preferred)

– Address(Street, City, State, Zip, Country)

– Email address

– Website (or social media artist page)

– A brief synopsis of your music

– Performance/Concert YouTube link(s) 

– A link to your electronic press kit (EPK) if available
– A press clipping (PDF if available)
– A list of all group members’ names and instruments

– Artist’/band fee


Unfortunately we cannot respond to every email so please forgive us if we are not able get back to you.

If we need further information, someone from the programming department will contact you.


Only those selected will be contacted.


Thank you!